BMW MINI’s Future Car

I must admit, I’m not really a fan of the MINI. But it was interesting to see the future of this car at the BMW Future 100 show nonetheless. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. If you are interested in the MINI check out the video below plus link to the official site.

MINI Future - Front View

MINI Future - Me Taking A Closer Look

MINI Future - Wheel Design

MINI Future - Front View Closer Look

Notice the brake and accelerator pedals through the front panel glass.

MINI Future - Doors Open and Steering Wheel

Official Video

Since the MINI is not really my thing, I like the fact that BMW’s vision of the MINI is to make it a sharable car i.e. not owned by one person.

The MINI of the future no longer waits all day for its owner, but is always on the move as a mobility partner for a MINI community. - BMW

For more information on the MINI check out the official site: